Active Measures (2018) 720p HULU WEB-DL 900MB

Storyline: Russian president Vladimir Putin attacks the 2016 American Presidential Election in collaboration with The Trump Campaign.

Active Measures (2018) on IMDb

Movie Title: Active Measures (2018)
Director: Jack Bryan
Stars: Jeremy Bash, Nina Burleigh, Alexandra Chalupa
Release Date: 31 August 2018 (USA)
Genres: Documentary 
Format: MatRoska (Mkv)
File Size: 900MB
Resolution: 1280x720
Runtime: 01:50:31
Language: English
Subtitles: English [Softcoded] - Muxed
Encoder: MkvCage (MkvCage.Com) Team
Source: NTG

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  1. Bahahahahahahahaha!
    “Waaaaaah, Russia did it!*
    Aslo: WOW! Sooooo many 10/10 fake reviews from Killary fans on imdb!

    • Name calling is uncalled for!… and unfair.
      MAQ is just doing his job, uploading videos for us to download.

      • It’s so funny how triggered liberals always get over the word libtard. I’m definitely going to keep using it. 🙂

  2. LOL! The Kremlin now in control of the White House. Good luck with that

  3. TY .. So funny reading the comments of these pro Chump idiots..
    They panic SO much at any mention of Russia .. It`s funny ..
    They will get that criminal Chump through his financial dealings whether there are any Russian links well that would be a bonus ..
    I`m waiting for a Michael Moore film AFTER Chumps corruption is exposed and he is removed ..

    • Hey, I have some ocean front property on the planet Mars I’d like to sell you if you’re interested.

        • After watching the movie I can say Chump is DEFINITELY in with the Russian mob !!
          If a link to Putin can be proven then that would be the cherry on the top ..

          WOW ! What a crook Chump is.. lol

      • What a moron! Owning property on Mars and… Now you can’t sell it. So stupid! Hahaha

      • @AIJAHLON… Apparently your parents are related to each other that you invested on Martian real estate! Hahahaha!

      • @AIJAHLON… Why did you buy that property in Mars? Your comment is a reflection on your poor education or total lack thereof. LOL!

        • @SHELDON COOPER… First off, the correct grammar would be ON Mars, not IN Mars. Who has the poor education? Secondly, just like the character Sheldon Cooper, sarcasm is also apparently lost on you as well. LOL!

      • @AIJAHLON
        What does it feel like owning property on Mars? What does it feel like to be a dumb Trumptard? What does it feel like to screw your own sister?
        Go to bed your trailer is waiting… Enjoy your life on Mars you pathetic POS

      • @AIJAHLON
        Chump being a crook doesn`t mean I believe Hillary isn`t a crook..🙄 I`m no fan..
        The whole lot of them are corrupt BUT Chump beats them all..
        The $hit will hit the fan soon BUT his moron supporters still wont believe..

    • LOL! You know, I’m beginning to think you libtards on here might actually think that I really own ocean front property on Mars. Just when I thought that libtards couldn’t possibly be any more stupid than they already are, they once again prove that they can be. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad. Now, it’s getting to the point where the only cure for the mental disease known as liberalism might just have to be a bullet. Since the leftist in this country have already become violent towards the people that disagree with them, then maybe it’s time for a good old-fashion violent civil war between the conservatives and the libtards in order to cleanse it of leftist filth. I’m ready and waiting with bated breath.

      • @AIJAHLON
        Are you a newbie here? You don’t even know where these guys you call “libtards” come from. For all you know they’re trolling you from Greece or India or Turkey or somewhere other than the good ole US of A. Go ahead and wage your stupid civil war you sad pathetic fool. Why not aim for your own head? No one here on mkvcage gives a shit

  4. Solo.A.Star.Wars.Story.2018.BluRay.720p.x264.DTS-HDChina
    is available as of around midday EDT; can we please get your 720p release? Many thanks in advance!

  5. if a country that has always been hostile to america wants to see someone win the presidency, do you think this person will be good for america?

  6. @AIJAHLON… Why did you buy that property on Mars? Your comment is a reflection on your poor education or total lack thereof. LOL!

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